i’m Joshua Newman

This is the post excerpt.



Reflection About My Goals

  1. I have not met my primary goals for the semester but I plan on achieving them soon. By paying more attention in class.
  2. What has helped me succeed so far was paying attention in class. And asking some questions. Also going to tutoring.
  3. What has hurt was being a little to playful. Not really catching on to what is being taught.
  4. I can pay more attention and stop playing around. Also i can ask for help. Or i could contribute more to class.

Narrative Writing


The company was founded in 1997 by Joshua Newman. That’s when we created our first shoe. I was at home one night and started thinking I could create a cool pair of shoes. I started brainstorming and found the perfect shoe. Then I created a slogan for every shoe we sell we give 2 away to the needy.

The company was designed to help the less fortunate than most people. So I came up with this program called shoe depository. Where we give away 2 pairs of shoes every time someone buy one pair of shoes. We give them high quality shoe that would keep them well fitted for years to come. We wait till the end of the day to see how pairs of shoes we sold. Then we multiply it by 2 and that’s how many pairs of shoes we give out to the needy.

Our team builds character every time we give out a pair of shoes. It brings joy to my heart every time I see a smile on the face of the person we gave the shoe to. They thanked us. they  started dancing and I’m able to go to bed every night happy.

The picture represents the shoes we sell and the amount of work and time we put into it. the SD represents our brand name. we’ve our own slogan it’s for every shoe we sell we give 2 away to the needy”. it took time to create the good quality shoes we sell. And it shows the high level of endurance. we show people our pictures to try to motivate them to buy our shoes to help the needy.

we try to put famous people in my commercials so that they can be inspired to buy shoe to help the needy. I want to try to help everyone i can. if life is good for i think that folk shouldnt be selfish and should help the needy. and that is what my company is here to do. and if we can we could give them jobs do they can earn a little money.

Hobnail Writing Task

Rainsford showed up to the chateau. He was tired and hungry. He sees a gargoyle knocker as he picks it up to let it go it creaks. As he lets it go it falls with a loud boom there’s no answer. So he knocks again and waits and a tall man comes to the door not saying a word and pointing a gun at his heart. Rainsford spoke saying, “i’m Rainsford i have fallen of a yatch and im hungry and exhausted he gets no answer.”

So he says it again still no answer then another man comes walking down the stairs. The man says im general and that is Ivan he is dumb and deaf . He says u must be rainsford the known big hunter. So he invites him in the house to feed him and let him rest. He says  “eat up i want you to be well fed”.

As rainsford is sleeping the general comes up stairs to try to eat Rainsford as he walks in Rainsford moves in his sleep so the general trys to hide.  then he starts to stand over Rainsford rubbing his hands and licking his lips. Rainsford wakse up and notices the general standing over him. The general invites him down to the wine celler to get him drunk Rainsford then notices that there are limbs hanging from the ceiling. The general then closes and locks the door behind them. the general then starts to sharpen his teeth as he is finishing the femer of a small child. Rainsford confused ask “what is this?”. the general says this is my personal meat locker. the general says “i have been watching u for a long time waiting for u to oneday come to my island.” them ivan walks out of the dark out of the dark and attacks rainsford